Best Dedicated Proxies in 2022

A dedicated proxy also referred to as a private or static proxy, is a non-rotating IP perfect for tasks where an IP rotating can cause issues with operations. Find the best service for you with this list of top providers.  

Top Dedicated Proxies

Bright Data logo


9.3 /10



MPP Group


8.9 /10


Storm Proxies


8.5 /10

Dedicated Proxies provide anonymity, speed and are some of the highest performing proxy types as they are used exclusively by one individual. 

The Benefits of Using Dedicating Proxies

With high-speed performance and the endless options, dedicated proxies allow you to purchase exactly what you need. These IPs are bought for you for your exclusive use for the target domain you require. They are anonymous and allow for access to accounts, filling out forms and anything that requires maintaining one non-rotating IP. Charged by IP with a price per GB or price for unlimited bandwidth, with dedicated proxies you can get exactly what you need.    

These IPs can be served from a data center or can be real IP addresses assigned from an ISP to a user. Depending on the what you require, a dedicated IP for the right proxy provider will get you the results you need to easily and accurately surf the web. 

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