Best Dedicated Proxies in 2023

Read on to discover the array of performance optimizations you can get from notable top-ranking dedicated proxies providers. By the time you are through, choosing the most ideal dedicated proxy service is a breeze.

Top Dedicated Proxies

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The Best Dedicated Proxies Providers​

  1. Bright Data

Our top pick, Bright Data, offers you superior dedicated proxy service via an extensive data center network spanning 195 countries. You have the option of choosing quality static, rotating and data center dedicated proxies from this provider. 

Significant application-centric performance features you can expect when you choose Bright Data’s dedicated proxy service include:

  • Optimal Network Speed – Bright Data’s extensive state-of-the-art 1GB proxy network means you get unlimited bandwidth when you choose this provider for dedicated proxy service. 
  • Unlimited Dedicated IPs – With dedicated proxies spread out over 195 countries across 4 continents, Bright Dat offers you one of the largest dedicated IP pools in the industry.
  • Quality Proxy Service – Bright Data’s bid to achieve optimal compliance with guidelines on IP service delivery is why you can expect high quality dedicated proxy service from the provider.

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2.  Storm Proxies

Storm offers you a dedicated proxy service featuring dynamic IPs in the form of backconnect dedicated IP proxies. When you choose this provider’s dedicated proxy, your IP address changes for each HTTP request you make or switches every 3 to 15 minutes you are connected.

Storm offers you the following task-centric capabilities in their backconnect dedicated proxy service: 

  • High Speed and Performance – Performance-optimized 1GB server network, your dedicated proxy features high data transmission rates that favor the use of multi-faceted research tools
  • Automatic and instant Service – Storm Proxies grants you instant access to a dedicated IP once you make a subscription payment. Thus, you get fast internet access even before the completion of your dedicated proxy account
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – Your Storm dedicated proxy offers you an inexhaustible 1GB bandwidth at no additional charge beyond your subscription payment. 

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3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy’s vast hybrid network of dedicated proxies grants you the option of choosing a static, rotating, and data centre dedicated proxy service from the provider. This vast network flawlessly incorporates global ISPs to avail you with a limitless 1GB bandwidth.

Key performance-centric attributes you can expect when using a dedicated proxy service from Smartproxy include:

  • Fast Internet Access – The seamless integration of quality residential and corporate data center IPs ensures you get fast internet connectivity when you choose Smartproxy as your proxy provider.
  • Unlimited Dedicated IPs – With a vast network of over 40M+ dedicated static, rotating and data center proxies, choosing this provider grants you access to a vast pool of dedicated IPs. 
  • High Success Rate – The high reliability and optimal web scraping freedom of Oxylab’s dedicated IP service allow you to achieve an online success rate of 99.2%.

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4. Oxylabs

With a data center network spanning 195 countries, Oxylabs allows you to choose from a pool of over 100M+ dedicated residential proxies. The provider’s ethical sourcing of residential IPs from selected partners ensures you get a safe and reliable dedicated proxy service.

The key performance-centric features you can expect after choosing Oxylabs’ dedicated proxy services include:

  • High Success Rate – The high reliability and optimal web scraping freedom of Oxylab’s dedicated IP service allow you to achieve an online success rate of 99.2%.
  • Fast Internet Access – A reliance on carefully selected residential IPs of Oxylabs’ dedicated proxy service means you get fast internet when you choose this provider.
  • Auto-Scalable – The compatibility of Oxylabs’ proxy network with third-party scaling tools ensures your dedicated IP service can automatically adapt to increasing scraping needs.

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4.  Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO offers you a dedicated proxy portfolio featuring rotating, static, and data centre residential IPs. Choosing a dedicated proxy service from this provider gives you access to a proxy network that is optimized for web scraping tasks.

Consequently, the dedicated proxy service you get from this provider features essential scraping-centric capabilities including: 

  • Optimal Network Uptime – Corporate data center and ethically-sourced residential dedicated IPs in Blazing SEO’s network ensure your proxy service features a 99.9% network uptime.
  • All-in-One Proxy Management – Blazing SEO offers you a function-specific user interface for managing core aspects of your web scraping project when you subscribe to a dedicated proxy service.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – Seamless integration of global ISPs into Blazing SEO’s proxy network means you get a dedicated proxy service with a boundless 1GB of bandwidth.

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5.  Netnut

Netnut’s hybrid proxy server network offers you a choice of three dedicated IP services: data center, rotating and static residential dedicated proxies. Choosing this provider for your dedicated proxy means you get a secure and scalable IP service.

Major performance-centric attributes of Netnut’s dedicated proxy service include:

  • Fast Internet Access – Direct connections to global ISPs and real peers translates to inexhaustible bandwidth and fast internet access when you choose Netnut’s dedicated proxy services.
  • Dedicated Private Pool – You gain unlimited access to a large pool of 1M+ static residential dedicated IPs when you choose Netnut as your provider.
  • Network Stability – Netnut confines your internet traffic within its proxy network to ensure your dedicated proxy attains optimal connection.

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6.  MPP (My Private Proxy)

Last but not least, we have Myprivateproxy’s affordable private dedicated proxy offering. True to trend, this provider also offers a rotating proxy service that features non-sequential IP for optimal online privacy. Myprivateproxy promises you value-for-money when you choose their service.

Notable internet-centric attributes you can expect when you subscribe to a Myprivateproxy’s private dedicated proxy include:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth – MPP’s uptime-optimized global data center network ensures you get unlimited bandwidth to suit a wide array of internet-intensive tasks.
  • Multiple Data Center Locations – You have the option of choosing the data center of your Myprivateproxy dedicated proxy from multiple server sites across the US, UK, and Europe.
  • Optimal Network Uptime – Its data center network features dedicated proxy servers that utilize high quality, durable, and fault-tolerant enterprise-grade hardware to ensure you receive optimal network uptime.

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What are dedicated proxies?

A dedicated proxy is a access service that features exclusive connections via a proxy for a single client. In the context of proxy services, exclusivity means you do not share your internet connection with other users when using a dedicated IP. Consequently, the attribute reduces the chances for malicious parties and hackers to intercept your internet traffic. 

Borrowing from the preceding Bright Data proxy review, exclusive single-user internet access is desirable if your internet access demands optimum online privacy. Consequently, a dedicated proxy is ideal if you engage in e-commerce store management, stock market trading, social media management, fintech transactions, cryptocurrency trading, etc.

As a real-world IP address, a dedicated proxy resides in a corporate-owned data center with mainstream ISPs typically operating numerous host server locations across the globe. This locale-specific attribute is why providers typically offer you a choice of multiple data center locations when subscribing to a dedicated proxy service.

Unlike shared VPN, your dedicated IP does not change in the duration of your subscription, i.e., all your internet traffic to and from the web passes through the same IP when using a dedicated proxy service. 

Subcategories of Dedicated Proxies

providers can also vary function-specific hardware and software configurations to provide you with two subclasses of dedicated proxies. The two dedicated proxy subcategories are:

Fresh Dedicated Proxies

As with an ordinary dedicated IP, a fresh proxy also grants you exclusive internet access when you choose a fresh dedicated proxy. The one attribute that distinguishes a fresh IP from an ordinary dedicated proxy is the absence of past use history, i.e., choosing a fresh dedicated proxy means the IP you receive doesn’t have recorded online use.

Other than the lack of online use history, all other attributes of a fresh proxy are identical to those of a dedicated proxy, namely:

  • A fresh dedicated IP does not change and is reserved for use by one client for a duration the duration indicated in the subscription.
  • Fresh proxy service relies on a real-world IP address hosted on the corporate servers of an provider-owned data center 

Note that providers typically enforce a 180-day cool-down period on fresh dedicated proxies between successive users. This 6-month rest duration ensures the complete erasure of all online use records of fresh dedicated IPs. A fresh dedicated IP is ideal for you if you require an ultra-fast internet connection for online streaming, social media management, e-commerce store management, fintech, stock market trading, etc.

Dedicated Residential Proxy Services 

Just like an ordinary and fresh dedicated proxy, a residential dedicated IP also offers a single client with exclusive internet access. Furthermore, the associated IP does not change as is the case with the other proxy services. 

Unlike the other dedicated proxy services which feature real-world IPs located in host servers at data centers, a residential IP is located in branded function-specific ISP-owned hardware, i.e., Wi-Fi modems, mobile phones, etc. Next, we delve into how dedicated proxies work.

How dedicated proxies work

As an internet gateway, a dedicated proxy is typically hosted on a proprietary server in an ISP-owned locale-specific data center. The associated physical location allows providers to offer you a choice of a preferred data center as part of your paid subscription for a dedicated proxy service.

For instance, you can choose the UK as your IP server location even while using a dedicated proxy within the US. As a result, anyone monitoring your web traffic gets the impression that you are accessing the internet from a location in the UK. A suitable use-case example entails making it appear that you are posting or uploading content to social media platforms from a different country.

However, the biggest benefit that a dedicated proxy offers you is ensuring unrestricted access regardless of the diversity of the websites you visit. Next, we explore the role of dedicated proxies in internet-intensive applications.

Unrestricted Online Access using a Dedicated IP

Choosing to use a dedicated proxy in the pursuit of data-intensive internet-centric tasks is ideal because of the associated high online access approval. In simple terms, your dedicated IP makes it easier for you to access e-commerce websites, web-based apps, social platforms, etc.

In this context, a high approval rating is invaluable when you are conducting in-depth market research based on dynamic, real-time, and multi-faceted data obtained from multiple online sources. 

Consequently, knowledge of fundamental access-centric aspects of the web is essential to your understanding of how your dedicated proxy works to ensure unrestricted online access. We discuss the most important access-defining factor below.

How Host Servers Handle Information/Data requests

You typically have the option of using a native web browser or a function-specific web scraper when gathering relevant research data/information from online resources. In effect, a web browser or web scraper provides you with an optimized user interface for retrieving information/data from remote host servers via the internet.

Regardless of your preferred research tool, each instance of online data/information retrieval entails a sequence of four steps:

  1. You provide the search engine app on your browser or web scraper with the URL of your target website. 
  2. Your browser or scraper then sends a HTML information request to the server hosting the website based on the URL given. 
  3. The host server evaluates the authenticity, origin, and context of your HTML request before sending a reply. Note that even though this step typically takes only a few seconds, it directly determines your access success.
  4. The host server then sends the most relevant response to your information/data request.

As noted, the third step is a significant determinant in the success of your efforts to retrieve information from online sources. Consequently, the main reasons for access denials are:

Suspicious Site Visit History

A host server can deny your information requests based on previous visits to other websites. Upon encountering the presence of cookies from malicious, inappropriate, and competing websites, host servers typically deny information requests from the associated IP address.

However, using a dedicated proxy makes it impossible for websites to access your site visit history thereby boosting chances of approval significantly. This outcome typically results from exclusive use of dedicated IPs in research-centric web-dependent tasks.

Active Geo-Blocking Protocols

A host server can disapprove your information/data requests based on the locale-specific attributes of your IP address. In essence, the server hosting your target websites determines the locale specific origin of your HTML request from your locale-defined numerical IP address. 

In this context, geo-blocking allows service/product providers to restrict access to proprietary e-commerce websites in countries outside the target customer base. Fortunately, using a rotating or static dedicated proxy allows you to overcome geo-blocking by allowing you to choose IPs from approved countries.

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated proxies

As with everything else in life, using a dedicated proxy service for your internet-intensive needs has its associated pros and cons. 


Optimal Online Privacy

As a dedicated proxy, the IP address you use is not not shared with other users. This eliminates the opportunity for  hackers and malicious particles to have direct access to launch cyberattacks.

Online Anonymity

A dedicated IP allows you to conceal personal details while on the web such as concealing your locale-specific IP. Furthermore, your browsing history is not accessible to websites you visit in addition to blocking third-party tracking cookies.

Secure Internet Connection

Information/data transfer over a dedicated proxy IP makes use of advanced encryption to prevent malicious parties from intercepting sensitive information.

Unrestricted Online Access

Using a dedicated proxy allows you to eliminate factors that lead to access restrictions, i.e., past site visit history and geo-blocking.

High Bandwidth

Dedicated proxy networks typically feature direct connections to global ISPs which gives your dedicated IP upto 1GB of bandwidth. These connections can include residential IPs, datacenter IPs, and more. 


Fortunately, choosing a dedicated proxy offers you only a few disadvantages compared to the associated benefits. Some of the most notable cons of dedicated proxies include:

Necessity of active subscription

As an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering, you have exclusive use of a dedicated proxy as long as you have an active subscription.

Data Center Susceptibility

Security breaches at data center locations can lead to an immediate loss of internet connectivity when using a dedicated proxy service. Furthermore, physical damage to server infrastructure though fire, flooding, or other unexpected event can also render a dedicated proxy unusable.

How we choose the best private proxies

Some of the main factors influencing Proxy-Review’s review criteria for the top providers include:

  • High bandwidth for dedicated proxies 
  • Fast internet access speed
  • A larger pool of dedicated IPs 
  • High online success rate
  • Optimal network bandwidth
  • High network stability
  • High network scalability

Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Proxies

You use an internet proxy whenever you access the web on your phone, laptop, PC, tablet, or other internet-capable devices. Thus, from a general context, a proxy acts as an internet-enabling intermediary between a user device and the worldwide web.

In function-specific terms, a proxy is an internet protocol address(i.e., an IP address) that facilitates bi-directional information/data transfer between a user device and remote host servers over the web.

You typically access different subscription-based proxy services from mainstream ISPs(Internet Service Providers) on PaaS(Platform as a Service) and IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) platforms.

A dedicated proxy service is suitable for a wide range of internet-intensive need with the most common ones as shown below:

  • Streaming multimedia content from provider servers to user devices
    Gaming whereby a dedicated proxy facilitates high-bandwidth connections between user consoles and game providers.
  • E-commerce management by native ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) apps on user devices to servers owned by enterprise software providers.
  • Social media management whereby a dedicated proxy provides a secure connection for users to upload posts and multimedia content online.
  • SEO whereby a marketing team uses a secure dedicated proxy to continuously optimize the online visibility of web pages.
  • Data-intensive market research whereby using a web scraper via a dedicated proxy eliminates information barriers