SmartProxy Proxy Review

Smartproxy proxy review

With 32 million residential IPs, SmartProxy is a well-known player in the proxy world. With so many different product types and available IPs.

They offer two separate network types that boast a vast number of residential and data center IPs. The Residential Proxy network guarantees zero captchas, zero IP blocks, and how they ensure this is due to their high resolution targeting options, including proxies with city resolution across the globe. Their residential IP network contains mobile IPs as well, although I found the documentation on this to be almost nonexistent and was unable to get an exact number of mobile IPs. More information is available in regards to their static residential network, with IPs assigned directly from an ISP that combines the anonymity of the residential network with the speed of a data center. Speaking of which, their Data Center Network is one of the largest, offering over 2 million IPs in over 100 locations provided by over 80 Data Centers. It provides options for a shared IP pool as well as a dedicated data center proxies ‘exclusively for your needs.’ 

When it comes to product offerings, they focus on their Real-time crawler, the most powerful web data extraction tool available. It is an easy to use extraction tool that guarantees 100% success rates from eCommerce sites and search engines. With a simple interface, they take care of all proxy management behind the scenes ensuring you don’t need to worry about proxy management and can focus on your results. I looked deeper into their integration, wondering how a proxy provider can offer a product that guarantees you don’t have to worry about proxies, and apparently, it is as simple as sending one CURL request. Some other products I found engaging were their SOCKS5 Proxies. These proxies apparently can bypass any firewall restrictions and provide access to any website. This is a great product if you need to send emails using a proxy but they are less secure than their residential counterparts. Last but not least, they offer their web scraper. A web scraping software where you merely give them a URL and they return to you the data you require in HTML format. 

Their integration seems to be for the slightly more technically inclined with the majority of products working with CURL requests and supporting HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Like all the major players in the proxy game, you will get to enjoy your own dedicated account manager and 24/7 support. In terms of understanding the technical specs, everything is available once you create an account and is accessible through their dashboard. I am not crazy about this as it did not let me really look into if they were suitable for my needs and current set-up before creating an account. 


All-in-all a great solution to a large variety of proxy needs and definitely something you should look into before making your final proxy purchasing decision.